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Sushi Tool Set

Sushi Tool Set

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Are you looking to step up your sushi game and impress your family and friends with mouth-watering sushi creations? Look no further than a sushi tool set!

 Each tool in the set is designed to help you create picture-perfect sushi creations, from the sushi mat for rolling to the rice spoon for portioning servings.



  • Precision: Includes tools such as a sushi mat and rice paddle, which allows the chef to create perfectly shaped and proportioned sushi rolls.

  • Hygiene: Using a sushi tool kit reduces the risk of contamination and ensures that the sushi is safe to eat. Tools like the bamboo chopsticks and wasabi spoon prevent cross-contamination and keep the sushi fresh and free of bacteria.

  • Efficiency:  The tools are designed to make the process more efficient and streamlined, allowing the chef to create more sushi in less time.

  • Creativity: Provides the chef with a wide range of tools to experiment with and create unique and creative sushi rolls. The sushi mat, in particular, allows for endless possibilities in shaping and filling sushi rolls.



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